Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blogs for the Media Distribution Industry

As we begin 2011, we feel it is important to start this blog and show how our firm is adapting to meet the continued demands of our current and future customers.  The media distribution business is changing rapidly with the emergence of new technologies and their usage. Throughout this blog we will attempt to keep you informed of these changes, how they could or will affect you and your business, and how we can help you to use and implement them.  Some of these blogs will be very specific on a particular aspect of a subject.  Others will be more of a global view of things as we see them.   I hope to put some personal slant into the blog that reflects my years of experience in the print industry.  We welcome all inputs, suggestions, and other information that we can use.  We want to continue to be a leader in the media distribution industry, no matter what output format that media will take.  This is a very evolving industry, and we want to offer our customers solutions that best fit their unique needs.

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