Thursday, May 17, 2012

Helping Publishers to Manage Inventory

In the “old days” before automation, publishers had to place numerous phone calls or engage in a series of email exchanges with their printer to order books, check depleting inventory, and track shipments. For those publishers who utilize the services of multiple printers, house inventory in separate warehouse facilities, and contract with fulfillment companies to handle customer orders, it often developed into a logistical nightmare. 

There are solutions available that can help publishers to control their document production and fulfillment efficiently, and with the benefit of cost savings.  Using a web-to-print software application, it is easy to: 
·        Place an order for materials directly online to be processed and fulfilled automatically
·        Manage books stored in inventory by establishing reorder points to maintain set levels
·        Link directly to current  inventory through a shopping cart connection on publisher/author websites
·        View pending orders, back orders, and canceled orders
·        Monitor  each order  in real  time with instant tracking and shipping notification
·        Obtain customizable reports

By implementing an integrated inventory management system, time-draining tasks associated with manual data entry are eliminated, and the headache of being faced with inventory levels too low to fulfill incoming orders is avoided.  When choosing a software solution, publishers should search for one that can be customized for their specific needs, gives them control over their accounts, can be accessed from any location, and is simple to navigate.

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