Thursday, April 14, 2011

Social Media in General

     After many false starts and some generational rejections, the Internet has fast become the main source of finding content. We are now all members of the “internet generation” and collectively share responsibility for the huge amount of content origination being provided by both businesses and amateurs. This has made the job of content providers much more difficult, and is causing a battle for eyeball time.
    When using social media as a means to engage your audience and offer content that is useful, it is of utmost importance to address the following questions:

        1) Where is the content consumed?
        2) What is the best way to reach your market?
        3) What is the best way to engage your market?
        4) What is your market niche talking about?

In looking at your results, it is important to measure your social media referrals and use analytic tools to see who, where, and how the referrals reach your site. Social media is here to stay, and unless you put in place proper measurements you will be left guessing about its impact on your brand and company. You need to equip yourself and your organization with the proper measurement tools to allow you to truly understand social media.