Monday, May 9, 2011

Multi-Channel Use

As our customers explore all the avenues they now have to communicate their messages to current and future customers, it is quite overwhelming to many.  With our knowledge footprint of digital print, file/data management, and fulfillment services, NetPublications can execute and scale multi-channel communications programs. Our agility in moving quickly to develop a custom program for each customer has earned us high marks.   

What is a multi-channel campaign?  We have never had as many “output” opportunities to use as we now have at our disposal.  While print has been around for hundreds of years, the new digital outputs add options for our clients.  Planning is the key to managing any successful multi-channel campaign.  We sit down and consult with our customers to find out what areas they are having “pain” in.  From that vantage point, we can get a good understanding of what our customers want to offer, and the best way to communicate with their customers.  We can then work together to formulate a plan based upon the data the customer has, or needs to get, in order to complete the campaign. We then outline a time line, and the type of output areas that will be used in the campaign.  Their client’s data is scrubbed so that the outputs used will not be wasted on multiple addresses.  By taking the customer data and looking at the resources within the data, we can start a print campaign along with a PURL (personalized landing page), or add QR Codes on ads or products to direct customers to specific messages.  The key to a successful campaign is planning from start to finish.