Monday, July 11, 2011

Grogg Blogs -- Service

We here at NetPub like to think we know a lot about service and how best to offer it to our customers.  The print business has for its whole history been a very service-driven industry with all kinds of personal touches. We believe in providing full service, but as customized, web-based solutions like our CLIENTNET have been developed, technology has taken over much of the service part of the transactions-eliminating the human element. This type of self-service is not about having the customer do everything; it is about systematically choosing what products, services, and functions would best benefit from using technology-based operations.  This is why customized print solutions are best setup on the web, since the user is placing the copy on the piece or directing what parts of the database should be used for the requested document.

As we see more print solutions being suitable for web-based, self-service, we are trying to give our customers what they want when they want it, in a fashion that they feel gives them the best customer service. When technology can deliver better and more efficiently than a human, we give our customers control over their needs and individual requirements to deliver the results they want in a very efficient format. Of course, we always have the phone lines to actually talk to our customers. It is our opinion at NetPub that no business can be completely self-service; sometimes a phone call, with the human touch, is the best way to deliver the service that is required.